Multilateral announces a new collaboration with Morningstar as a Premium Service Delivery Partner

Multilateral is proud to join Morningstar Service Delivery Partner Program as Premium Partner, helping clients create innovative digital experiences powered by Morningstar’s Direct Web Services.

As a Premium Service Delivery Partner, Multilateral will be collaborating with Morningstar to create new solutions for clients to leverage Morningstar’s data and research. By utilizing Morningstar’s Direct Web Services, which include investment research and portfolio analytics APIs, Multilateral ensures clients receive the precise data they need, when and how they need it – as seen through its Fund Screener Platform and Equity Research White Label Reports. These personalized solutions provide our clients with accurate, relevant, and timely data alongside independent, world-class research, empowering confident and precise decision-making.

Multilateral’s Fund Screener Platform (FSP),utilizes Morningstar’s Direct Web Services to accelerate market launch for clients and enables them to deliver detailed and legally relevant fund information to their end customers. This solution also supports easy incorporation within clients’ existing CMS platforms.

Multilateral’s Equity Research White Label Reports utilizes Morningstar’s Direct Web Services to offer clients seamless access to research and editorial content. Clients benefit from a centralized hub for vital financial research insights, facilitating access to the breadth and depth of Morningstar’s research, driving value for both our clients and their customers.

Morningstar, Inc. is a leading provider of independent investment insights in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. The Company offers an extensive line of products and solutions that serve a wide range of market participants, including individual and institutional investors in public and private capital markets, financial advisors and wealth managers, asset managers, retirement plan providers and sponsors, and issuers of fixed-income securities. Morningstar provides data and research insights on a wide range of investment offerings, including managed investment products, publicly listed companies, private capital markets, debt securities, and real-time global market data.