UBS Growth Talk #11

The importance of business networks for entrepreneurs

Business networks play a decisive role in the success of SMEs. Moritz Schneider and Matthias Gysi talk about the importance of their own networks and share tips on network development and maintenance.

They each successfully run a family business in two different sectors: Moritz Schneider is the CEO of the media agency Mediaschneider, while Matthias Gysi heads up the IT full-service provider Multilateral. In UBS Growth Talk #11, the two entrepreneurs talk about how they develop and maintain their networks, what makes a good business network and how it can impact business success.

Three key takeaways from UBS Growth Talk #11

  • Invest in a high-quality network with long-term contacts.
  • Expand your business activities by drawing on expertise from your network.
  • Make targeted use of your network to recruit specialists.

Watch the talk directly as a video or listen to it as a podcast.

“My network wasn’t particularly extensive to begin with – as a young entrepreneur, you often have the feeling that you can take care of everything yourself,” says Gysi, before stressing that you can benefit enormously from exchanges with others. Matthias Gysi therefore started to establish contacts as part of a targeted approach and has also kept in touch with former colleagues and workmates.

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