Customized Research (Whitelabel) Reports

AssetOne collects financial research information from a diverse array of systems and providers, consolidating and organizing it to produce comprehensive white-label reports. These reports are customized with our clients’ branding and can be disseminated to their end customers. Clients have the flexibility to obtain the data in either PDF format or as raw data, enabling them to tailor the information dissemination process to suit their specific needs and preferences. Through this process, AssetOne serves as a centralized hub for accessing and distributing vital financial research insights, facilitating informed decision-making for our clients and their customers alike.

Key features:

  • Extensive data selection: Offering a wide range of market data, forecasts, ratings, and ESG information for stocks and companies worldwide.
  • Data formatting options: Data is prepared in XML, JSON, or CSV formats, providing flexibility and compatibility with various systems and applications.
  • Portal or API integrations: Seamless integration options through REST or SOAP APIs, as well as portal connections, ensuring straightforward incorporation into existing workflows.
  • Pixel-perfect PDF reports: Delivering impeccably formatted PDF reports with precision, ensuring that the visual representation of data is accurate and professional.