Fund Screener

Customize Fund View, sourced from Morningstar

FundScreener enables our clients to provide their end customers with detailed and potentially legally relevant information about funds. This application can be used either independently or seamlessly integrated into their existing CMS platform. Special attention is given to tailoring the appearance and user experience to the individual requirements and preferences of our clients.

Furthermore, FundScreener ensures that the provided data is always up to date by updating it daily. This regular updating ensures that end customers always have access to the latest information about the relevant funds, enhancing the transparency and reliability of the services offered.

Standalone Version

A standalone version of software operates independently without needing integration with other platforms or systems. It functions as a self-contained entity with its own interface and features, making it simple to use and install directly onto devices or servers.

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CMS Integrated Version

A CMS-integrated application seamlessly works within a Content Management System, allowing users to access its features directly from the CMS interface. This integration streamlines workflows, maintains a consistent user experience, and enhances functionality by leveraging the capabilities of the CMS platform.

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